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Learning Solutions

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Today’s employees expect information and guidance available anywhere at any time. Traditional training practices are being replaced with more effective interactive and technology-based curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. New and exciting approaches to training will re-energize your work force and provide it with the knowledge and support needed to implement your next strategic initiative.

Apex’s experienced instructional designers develop courses and approaches for online, mobile and classroom learning solution strategies. Apex specializes in development of dynamic content using interactive materials, “gamification” and other engaging methods and activities that ensure your highest ROI. Our training team develops training solutions to support one-time or ongoing training programs, as well as converting and updating existing training programs.

Our team of trainers has led training initiatives from small interactive settings to global enterprise-wide deployments. Apex provides instructional designers to develop your training strategy, content, as well as “Train-the-Trainer” and delivery resources for your training events.

Employees that are engaged with your product or service and committed to your organization can have a tremendous impact on virtually every aspect of your business. Engagement can occur with many different solutions. One of these solutions is gamification, where the use of game thinking and game mechanics in business contexts engage users in solving problems and attaining training goals.

Apex has helped several companies incorporate the use of gamification into their training curriculum. We have developed customized training games, scenarios and challenges that ensure post-training information retention. The use of gamification within your training curriculum will ensure that your employees continue to learn and develop as they engage with each other during and after their training has finished.

Contact the Apex Learning Solutions team for any of the following services:

Current Training Materials Assessment

Let Apex review and assess your existing training materials. We will work with you to suggest how to maximize engagement within your classroom, online, or mobile content.

Instructional Design and Content Development
  • Developing new courses
  • Courseware development
  • Gamification of course content
  • Courseware conversion
  • Consulting
 Training delivery
  • Single or recurring events, or an entire training curriculum
  • Online courses
  • Classroom
  • Train the trainer
  • Mobile
 Learning Metrics
  • Course evaluation
  • Certification programs development
  • Trainer evaluation and feedback
  • ROI evaluation