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Client Testimonial: Kinross Gold Corporation

kinross_blog2About a year ago, Apex began working with Kinross Gold Corporation who had recently experienced rapid growth through multiple acquisitions of other mining properties. Kinross was faced with typical challenges stemming from rapid expansion, including the need to hire and on-board large numbers of employees, orient them to the Kinross company culture, and ensure they understood enormous amounts of information presented to them during orientation.  Kinross was seeking a consistent method to distribute this information to each of the various mine sites.

In addition to understanding company benefits, another success measure was to ensure that each employee understood and felt connected to the Kinross Ten Guiding Principles. Kinross also sought to engage with their work force the moment that each employee accepted his or her position.  That sense of belonging to the Kinross family is a critical part of their company culture.

Apex was able to transform Kinross’ dense on-boarding materials (checklists, PowerPoint slides, and other manuals) into modules that were interactive and engaging.  Apex applied innovative gamification approaches that included learning games, informational and humorous ‘commercials’ about each of the company’s primary benefits packages, and a reward system with badges and prizes upon completion of the on-boarding.

Since its launch, the integrated on-boarding program has been added to the Kinross LMS (learning management system), is available to new hires and HR personnel at several mine sites, and has been well received.
Here’s what Kinross had to say about their new on-boarding program and their experience working with Apex:

 Apex has been a pleasure to work with as they have a creative edge and are engaged with the work they produce. All of their employees are enthusiastic about the work they have completed for our company which ignites our engagement in the project while creating excitement for future opportunities to use their talents. Over the last year, we started with a basic idea for a game in on-boarding a new employee and have grown this idea into multiple gamification modules for the on-boarding process. The learning modules we have created are still being implemented within our company but all the feedback has been very positive. These modules are a great tool for information retention that is new and fun for new hires of all ages. Apex’s creativity never ceases to amaze us and we look forward to doing more business with them in the future! – Kinross Gold Corporation

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